Hey, I'm Lewis.

And I would like to share with you 
my story of how I went from 
having $70,000 worth of debt...

To having no debt at all 
in less than 12 MONTHS.

I did this using the combination of 
a debt payoff strategy, 
realistic goal setting &
tunnel vision focus...

And by changing the way I think
and feel about money.
It was NOT luck.

I did NOT come from a wealthy 

I NEVER had any large sum of money,
inheritance or help.
I've decided to share this story now
only because since I started my debt journey over the last 2 years...

I've realized that the main reason
so many people are NOT 
managing money the way they want to be
managing money...

Is not because of their lack of 
motivation of how much income
they are making

(Ok, well sometimes it is).

But mostly, it's due to the way 
Think and feel about money.
So many people have a belief that 
making a lot of money is dirty,
greedy, evil, wrong of selfish...

And that could NOT be further from 
the truth.
Although, I used to fell the same
way once upon a time...

And I even used to tell myself things

If I ever have enough money to pay off my debt, I would be happy and satisfied after that
because I don't want to be one of those 
people with money who wastes it on experiences like traveling or renting helicopters.

It wasn't until I changed my thinking to the fact that I could do BOTH...

That everything changed for me.
Now, I see money as a direct reflection of the amount of
value you are contributing to the world...

And a measurement tool for not only building 
generational wealth but for the amount of 
people you are helping along the way.
I able to have more freedom with my
time. I was able to quit my  9 to 5 and 
start my own technology consulting business.

I'm able to give more to organizations and causes that I believe in.

AND I get to travel and experience everything
I want as well....

And I wan't you to experience the
same, which is why I have created

When you fill in your details below 
you will immediately get an email that
shares the full story of how I went from
$70,000 of debt to $0 in 
less than 12 months...

And then you will get a short email every day
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transform your money mindset 
completely in 2 weeks or less!!!

Here is some of the topics that covered in it!!

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Here are are just a few topics that will be covered for you over the next week.


Debt Autopsy

I walk you through a step by step process, it's a simple, effective, strategy that anyone can use to get a complete inventory of how much debt they owe. 

Income Autopsy

We use a similar step by step process as the debt autopsy to help you get a list of all income going into your bank account on a monthly basis.

Trimming The Fat

This module you will walk through the final stage of inventory we get an average of your monthly expenses. We will also help you get clear on your overall financial health.

360 Money Review 

This module is where I help you get clear on your overall financial health. We will do a full review of all expenses and how much money you have left over at the end of the month. This is the most important module in the process.

Increase Your Income

This is where the most progress is made. The #1 reason people don't get out debt, is because they don't apply enough energy towards this step. You've got a formula you need to follow in order to increase your income. Knowing how do this properly using the skills you already have is the key.

Money Mindset

Were going to reprogram the way you look at money in this section. A lot of people struggle to get started or fail to stay on track because of mindset and not having a big enough why. This module is going to help you find your why and create a healthy mindset around money.

Forward Foundation

Having a strong foundation once you get out of debt is important because it will keep you from going back into debt. In this module we eliminate the traps of falling back into debt and develop a strong foundation moving forward.
+ sooooo much more....
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$70,000 of debt to $0 in 
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